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Reliable Grandfather Clock Moving service

Grandfather Clocks are extremely delicate, and often have a lot of sentimental—and sometimes financial—value. If you’re moving locally in the Metro Atlanta or North And South Georgia  and don’t want to leave your clock behind, or if you are simply shipping a clock from one location to another, our experts will create a customized shipping plan for you. Moving companies do not understand the delicate workings of your Grandfather clock, nor do they know how to professionally pack the insides and the mechanical movements of your Grandfather clock. As a clock company that specializes in Grandfather clock repairs and service, we do understand the inner workings of your Grandfather clock and we know how to pack them for a safe and secure move. On local moves we can also set up and service your Grandfather clock at its final destination. Our company also offers a professional packing service using all original packing materials specifically designed for your Grandfather clock. Click here to read more about our packing service.
We regularly Pack, Ship and Move modern day as well as antique clocks like grandfather clocks, grandmother clocks, restoration clocks, and custom clocks.  

* Professional Service
* Fast Response Time
* Grandfather Clock Moving
* In House and local  Local Moving
* Packaging, Loading, Delivery, Unloading
* Residential and Commercial Service

Choose us for your grandfather clock shipping needs

Our friendly shipping professionals are here to help. Give us a call at 678-462-7856 Or you can request an online quote now.

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