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Grandfather Clock Packing Service


Moving Companies do not understand the inner workings of a Grandfather Clock. Let a professional clock company pack it for you

We offer a professional packing service for Grandfather clocks. Our technicians will come to your location and professionally pack your Grandfather clock using original packing materials specifically designed for Grandfather clocks and their parts. These packing material are the original packing materials that come with all new Grandfather clocks.

Once we come to your home to pack up your Grandfather clock and get it ready for its move, we will carefully remove your Grandfather clock weights and store them in a divided Styrofoam box specifically designed to hold your Grandfather clock weights separately from each other for a safe secure move (E). This Styrofoam box will then go inside another cardboard box perfectly sized to keep the Styrofoam box secured. 

Our technician will then secure your Grandfather clocks chime rods and other parts on your Grandfather clocks movement with a thick cardboard card (B) especially designed to secure your Grandfather clocks chime rods and other moving parts of your Grandfather clocks movement.

After all these parts have been installed and secured, the technician will secure the Grandfather clocks cables with the blocks (D) that has been designed to allow the cables to be wound up to the perfect location without being wound too far. In the case that your Grandfather clock has chains, instead of cables, our technician will secure the chains with proper ties for a safe and secure move.

Grandfather Clock-Packing material-Howard Miller.webp

Your Grandfather clocks pendulum will be securely taped down inside

a box, specifically designed to hold your Grandfather clocks pendulum. Often times, we will add extra wooden support inside your Grandfather clocks pendulum box, just for added security during its move.

All your loose parts including the door key and the winding key (if there are any), will be securely placed inside the Styrofoam box for a secure and safe move.

Once your Grandfather clock is all packed up and ready to be moved, our technician will go over all the procedures he has performed and will point out and show you where each loose piece has been packed and he will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

When we leave, your Grandfather clock will be professionally packed and ready for any move whether it's around the corner or around the world. Packing the interior of a Grandfather clock is the most important part of packing up a Grandfather clock for moving.  Unlike a moving company that moves households, our company understands the inner workings of a Grandfather clock and will be able to secure all the critical parts for a move. When we finish, your Grandfather clock is just like any other piece of furniture in your home and can be moved safely. If you are moving your Grandfather clock yourself, once we are finished packing it, you can even transport it lying down on its back. 

We will also leave you with basic written instructions on how to unpack your Grandfather clock in case you plan on unpacking it in its new location.

We Can Even Move Your Grandfather Clock Or Store It For You

Let’s Work Together

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