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Lost Grandfather Clock Weights

If you have lost the weights to your Grandfather clock, in most cases we can find the replacements. The weights to a Grandfather clock are specific to the movement that's inside your Grandfather clock and not the Grandfather clock itself. The model number that is needed to find replacement weights will be the model number of the Grandfather clocks movement and not the Grandfather clocks model number from the manufacturer. 

The model number on a Grandfather clock movement will be located on the back side of the Grandfather clock movement. Once we have the numbers, we will be able to find the correct weight sizes for your Grandfather clock.

There are several styles and sizes of Grandfather clock weights. More importantly is the actual weight of each weight. Having the correct weight to each of your Grandfather clocks weights is important.  If the incorrect weight to each weight is used on your Grandfather clock, it is possible the Grandfather clock will not chime properly or may not run at all.

Please call us at 678-462-7856 or contact us and we will help you determine the correct size.

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