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Daylight Savings Time | Time to turn back your clocks

Each year we go through the ritual of either turning our clocks back in the fall time or moving our clocks ahead in the spring. Clock Repair Service stays very busy throughout the year; however, we get extremely busy in the fall due to customer turning back their clocks incorrectly. If you read the manuals that came with your mechanical clocks, you will find the manufacturer instructions are for you to simply turn the minute hand backwards one hour. Although this may work, its not correct and we do not recommend that you do this. One of the best and safest ways to turn back your mechanical clocks, including Grandfather clocks, is to simply reach into the clock and stop the pendulum from swinging.

When the pendulum is not swinging, the clock will not run. Once you have stopped the pendulum from swinging, just walk away and come back in an hour or two later. At this point, you can set the clock to the correct time and swing the pendulum again and your clock is now set correctly. If your clock stops chiming or chimes incorrectly, the clock will correct itself within the hour.

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