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We Offer In Home clock repair in Roswell Georgia

We Make House Calls in Roswell, Ga

We will come to your home or office to service your Grandfather clock.

When it comes to grandfather clock repairs, we come to your home or office in Roswell to service or repair your Grandfather clock. Our company is fully insured and we are also an Authorized Howard Miler and Ridgeway Service Center.  So when your looking for a clock repair service near me, look no further.

Our company has mobile clock shops that will come to your home in Roswell to provide in home Grandfather clock repairs.  We can service all brands, types and age of Grandfather clocks.



Give us a call today to set up an appointment  for one of our technicians to come to your home. Or office will explain our process and the exact cost for us to come out to your home.

We also Offer Clock Repair For Customers In Canton

Our clock shop is located in Marietta, Ga not for from Roswell. Our clock shop repairs and services antique, vintage and modern day wall clocks and mantle clocks.  Although we are a Howard Miller and Ridgeway Authorized sales and service center, our company also services and repairs all makes and models of clocks from  all manufacturers.  We ask that you contact us to make an appointment prior to coming into our clock shop.  Most people do not realize that all mechanical  clocks  need to be cleaned re-oiled and serviced. Most manufacturers recommend that you have your clock serviced every two to three years. Having your clock cleaned every two to three years seems to be a bit much for most people. Truthfully, having your clock cleaned that often is not cost effective. It will it extend the life of your clocks movement, however the total cost of the service through out the years will surpass the cost of a new movement.   Typically, a modern day movement will last approximately 20-25 years, having your clock cleaned and serviced will extend the life of the clocks mechanism but again the cost of this service may not be worth the cost.   Our recommendation is to have it looked at when it starts to act up, such as if the clock stops chiming, or if the chiming starts to slow down. We will be able to determine if a cleaning will help out at the point of Once you do have a new clock movement installed, we will be happy to show you how you can clean and oil your clock yourself, not only saving you money, but  if done often enough, you can exstend the life of your clocks movement.

Who We Are

Clock Repair Service was started in 2005. We started out having customers bring in their small clocks into our shop for repairs. Eventually we moved into servicing Large Grandfather clocks. Knowing it was not feasible for our customers to bring in their larger Grandfather clocks, we started going to them. Eventually, we purchased 2 new trucks and started going out to our customers homes for the repairs and service of their Grandfather clocks. Today we have scaled down our smaller clock repair and increased our in home Grandfather clock repair side of the business.  We have technicians available to Come out to your home or office in Canton and provide a full cleaning, re-oiling and some minor clock repairs right there in your home or office.

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