Grandfather Clock Storage

At Clock Repair Service we offer our customers long  and/or short term storage.



We offer a safe, secured climate controlled warehouse space to store your Grandfather clock.  If you having new floors installed or your home is under restoration, we can come out to your home and safely pack up your Grandfather clock and move it over to our storage facility.  Clock Repair Service works closely with several insurance companies as well as contracting and construction companies to pack up and move their customers Grandfather clocks into a safe secure location during construction, keeping your Grandfather clock safe during the duration of your project. Our company is fully insured and your Grandfather clock is fully insured with us from the moment we come to your home. A moving company may be able to move your Grandfather clock, However most of them do not understand the inner workings of your Grandfather clock and they have no idea how to secure the working and moving parts of your Grandfather clock. We are a one stop shop when it comes to your Grandfather clock to be pack, moved ans securely stored. We can even service your Grandfather clock while we have it in our storage. 

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