Grandfather Clock

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At Clock Repair Service, we specialize in grandfather clock  repairs.  We rebuild, preserve, and restore grandfather clocks, ranging from 250 years old to new.
We pride ourselves on excellent customer service.  Please contact us via email or phone (678-462-7856) if you have a problem with your clock and we will work to resolve your issues as soon as possible.

Grandfather Clocks, Grandmother Clocks  and some larger wall clocks are best serviced and maintained at your location.  Clock Repair Service provides on-site preventative maintenance and repair by appointment.  Call us at 678-462-7856 to arrange a convenient time.


When we come to your home or office to service your grandfather clock, we always REMOVE the movement from your clock. By removing the movement we are able to get to the front, back and inside of the movement to remove most of the old dirty oil and to adequately re-oil the movement. Most clock repair companies will try to convince you that a movement can be cleaned and re-oiled without removing the movement; however this is not true. A serviceman cannot oil the front of the movement when the brass face is blocking the front of the movement, nor can they clean the inside of the movement while the movement is mounted in the case. It's just that simple.  If the movement is not removed from the case of the clock, the only service you are paying for is to have someone squirt new oil on top of old dirty oil. Old oil with dirt deposits in it is an abrasive material and will wear down the soft brass parts destroying the movement.



What we do during an in home visit:


·                    Level and secure the case

·                    Remove the movement (this is very important)

·                    Clean the movement

·                    Clean the inside of the movement housing with a mild solution

·                    Wax the inside of the movement housing using a high quality furniture


·                    Re-oil the movement

·                    Re-install the cleaned movement

·                    Adjust and calibrate the movement

·                    Test the clock for accuracy

·                    Watch the clock for any inconsistencies

·                    Touch up any minor scratches on the wood case

·                    Clean and polish all glass inside and out

·                    Clean the outside of the case with high quality furniture polish


At Clock Repair Service, we always leave your clock cleaner and in better condition than we found it.


Clock Repair Service can help you prepare grandfather clocks and grandmother clocks for long distance moves.  We also assemble and setup clocks, which have been moved to a new location.  Re-leveling, oiling and minor adjustments are included in this service.