Cuckoo Clock

 We love cuckoo clocks.  Many shops around town won’t even touch cuckoo clocks.  They look at cuckoo clocks as a novelty clock.  If they work on them at all, most of the time they just replace the movement or music box instead of repairing them and keeping your cuckoo clock original. I understand how much you love your cuckoo clock and how happy they make you feel every time that little bird pops out and cuckoos.

At Clock Repair Service, we not only repair your Cuckoo clock, but we love taking part in bringing back the enjoyment that every cuckoo clock offers.  We enjoy hearing the history behind each cuckoo clock, whether it came from the Black Forest while you were on vacation, or if a family member sent it home from being stationed over seas during the war.  Each cuckoo clock has its own unique story and is rich in sentimental value and at Clock Repair Service we are proud to be part of that history and are thrilled to help you re-live that joy.

We always give free quotes (not estimates) on the repairs.  So whether you just are in need of a few minor adjustments, or your cuckoo clock has fallen off the wall and needs a complete overhaul, or the case needs to be repaired, Clock Repair Service would love to be the clock shop that fixes your cuckoo clock.

Clock Repair Service receives cuckoo clocks from all over the country. If you are not within driving distance from our shop you can mail in your cuckoo clock to us.  Just give us a call at 678-462-7856 or email us so we can walk you through the process.  Once we receive your cuckoo clock, we will contact you and discuss the options, if any, and we will quote you an exact cost of repair.

So give us a call today and we will have your cuckoo clock coo cooing again!