Cuckoo Clock Repair Help

Cuckoo Clock Repair

Many times, especially on a relatively new cuckoo clock, there are just a few minor adjustments that might need to be performed in order to get your cuckoo clock up and running again.  Listed below are a few suggestions that you can perform yourself to get your cuckoo clock up and running again.  If you are still having problems with your cuckoo clock after you have tried these helpful hints, please feel free to contact us.  We are more than happy to answer your questions.  We suggest you try these  simple tasks prior to bringing your cuckoo clock into our shop.


Cuckoo Clock Repair


1.    Make sure all the parts are there.  You should have 2 to 3 weights (pine cones) and a pendulum (The stick with a leaf on it).  Cuckoo clocks come in several forms; however, the most common are a 2 weight (time and cuckoo) and 3 weights (time, cuckoo and music).

2.    Make sure the weights are pulled up.  This might sound silly; however, we have had several clock calls and the weights were close to the ground and the cuckoo clock just needed to be wound.

3.    After the weights are pulled up, start the clock by pushing the pendulum either to the left or right, starting the pendulum to swing.  Listen carefully to the cuckoo clock.  You are listening for a nice smooth "tic-tock" sound.   If the "tick-toc" sound is uneven, then simply move the case of the Cuckoo clock to one side or the other.   Do not worry about making the clock un-level at this time since we are only determining the problem at this time.  If the cuckoo clock sounds even and smooth, leave it in this position on the wall for a few hours to see if the cuckoo clock will run.  If the cuckoo clock continues to run in this position, there is a wire on the back side of the cuckoo clock that needs to be adjusted at this time.

Cuckoo Clock Repair



1.    Check the latch on the bird’s door.  On most cuckoo clocks there is a small wire latch on the top of the bird’s door.  If the latch is blocking the door, the door will not open and the cuckoo bird will not come out.

2.    On some models of cuckoo clocks, there is an " on-off" switch on the side of the cuckoo clock.  Make sure the switch is in the "on" position.

3.    If neither of these problems starts the cuckoo bird working, then other problems may occur and the cuckoo clock needs to come into the shop for repairs.


Cuckoo Clock Repair





Turn the minute hand clockwise until the clock strikes on the hour and notice what its hour is calling out.  Whatever hour the clock struck, point the hour hand to that hour and press back on it a bit with your thumb nails to keep it tight on its shaft.  Then loosen the minute hand nut slightly so the hand can be moved to its hour mark (12), while the center shaft stays in one spot to save the cuckoo clocks striking position.  Tighten the minute hand nut and then test to see if it’s now striking the correct times on the hour.





Cuckoo clocks are one of the most difficult clocks to work on.  The more the cuckoo clock does, the harder it is to coordinate each movement and functions.  The part that keeps the cuckoo clocks time running tells the cuckoo or “chime” part of the clock to perform at a certain point and the “chime” part of the cuckoo clock tells the “music” part of the cuckoo clock to perform at a certain point.  If your cuckoo clock has any “animation” to it, (such as men chopping wood or 2 lovers turn and kiss each other or several other animated functions), the “music” box will tell the “animation” to start working.  As you can see, a cuckoo clock has many moving parts and the slightest mishap on any of the cuckoo clocks sections described above, will stop the Cuckoo clock from performing at its fullest.


Clock Repair Service specializes in repairing and servicing cuckoo clocks of all types and makes.  Give us a call at 678-462-7856 to set up a time to bring your cuckoo clock in for a check-up.  We also receive cuckoo clocks from all over the country.  If you are out of our service area and would like for us to repair your cuckoo clock, you can call us or email us and we will walk you through the steps to ensure your cuckoo clock will arrive safely to our shop.


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